I was scrolling through Facebook this morning (while in Maths class no less) when I came across this:

I love Elizabeth Gilbert, and her words in that post just clicked with me. You know that feeling when a concept finally makes sense and it’s wonderful? Yeah, I got that feeling. It made me think about writing, this blog, and all my other creative endeavours. A lot of the time, I start writing because I’ve got literal word vomit, and I never ever know where it’s going to end up. It starts with a little voice in my head with the very first sentence, and once I write, the words just flow.

It’s pretty amazing, and I guess that’s why I’m still so in love with writing.

So when Elizabeth wrote this,

He said, “All creativity is a break in logic.”

So simple, so perfect.

Such a lovely and inarguable way to explain the weird senselessness of inspiration — where does it come from? why do we bother to engage with it all? why is the outcome so bizarrely unpredictable? why do we keep engaging with inspiration, even when there is no obvious reward?

There is no logic. But we just have to do it.

I understood it perfectly.