Last night I stayed up watching the Book Thief (which is awesome, definitely recommend!) until 1am, then stayed up another half hour texting my friend back home. (gotta love the timezones ay) I’m usually asleep by 10.30, so this was really an exhausting activity for me and I was expecting to wake up by 11 or 12.

However, I woke up this morning to sunlight streaming in my window and birds chirping at 9am. This actually marked an incredible achievement for me, and here’s the backstory why. Ever since February, I’ve been training myself to sleep for only 8 hours and not oversleep or undersleep. I’ve never had insomnia or anything, but it was just something I wanted to prove I could do. When I was a kid, I also read about this girl in an Enid Blyton book that could control when she wanted to wake up just by thinking about it. This didn’t seem too insane, so I sorta made it a little goal to control my own waking time. Heh.

ANYWAY, I finally made it! I achieved a childhood goal! It actually feels amazing to sleep just the right amount of hours and to wake up naturally. It just started off my morning really well, and since then, I’ve had a very productive day. So, here’s to a good night’s sleep and happy mornings!

P.S: This is an excellent article about living free of expectations by Purpose Fairy