Inspiration (n): the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Motivation (n): a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

I’ve just come home from an amazing seven days of immersing myself in a whole bucketload of inspiration. It was at the Kwong Lee Dow Leadership Day, followed by the Magic Moments Youth Leadership & Business Summit that I found a tribe of people that have rekindled my spirit and made my future seem a whole lot brighter. At Magic Moments, one of the speakers that I adore, Heather Yelland, mentioned the important difference between inspiration and motivation.

Quite simply, motivation is an outside force that pushes you towards a goal, whereas inspiration is a pulling force coming from within. The key to having motivation is to have, of course, a motive. You need something that is pushing you towards the edge, something thats strong enough to make you want to get there. For example, I am quite often motivated to clean my room because I don’t want to get yelled at.

But inspiration is more of a process. You hear something in a stranger’s conversation on the bus, or you hear a quote from a speaker, or you read something really well written in a book, and there’s a pull in your heart. Whenever I feel inspired, I always get this feeling of being lurched forward. I almost want to leap out of my chair and sprint. I want to find out more, learn more, be more, do more. All of the projects that I’ve done, all of the best events of my life, all of the things I’ve achieved through pure passion. They have all been sparked by one moment of inspiration.

However, this doesn’t mean motivation is a bad thing. I believe motivation and inspiration both have a huge part to play in our lives. Take this blog post for example, I was inspired by a friends Facebook post and Heather’s speech to write this, but I was also motivated by my friend, Emmaby’s, nags. (just joking, love you!)

We have to both motivate and inspire ourselves.

We have to both motivate and inspire the people around us.

Right now, I am both motivated and inspired to go to bed as quickly as possible, so with a lot of midnight love,

Kelly 🙂