This morning I watched this video, and it brought the goofiest smile to my face. It made me think about how far we will go for the people we love. I’m called a romantic a lot of the time, because I will go to great extents to make people in my life happy. Like one time, my Japanese exchange student friend told me she had never celebrated her birthday before, so (of course) I planned a typical kid’s birthday party! Egg & spoon race, truth or dare, three legged race, EVERYTHING! And another time, I made a video summarising my sister’s 11 years of life as a farewell present for her when we left Malaysia.

I never expected anyone to do anything as elaborate for me, but it is saddening to think that a lot of people, my age especially, never put in the effort to do big things for the people they care about. They don’t put any effort into doing things that make other people happy. It could be big things that take time and effort, or little things that would make someone’s day.

SO, here’s a list of things that you could do to cheer someone up, or celebrate a huge occasion:

For the small things:

  1. Give a compliment
  2. Wash the dishes
  3. Have a conversation with your parents/siblings at the end of the day
  4. Bake a cake
  5. Make dinner
  6. Take a walk with someone
  7. Phone a friend and ask them about their day
  8. Follow a whole bunch of new blogs and comment on their posts
  9. Write a nice Facebook post on someone’s wall, thanking them or telling them how much they mean to you.
  10. Write a thank you letter.
  11. Buy a bouquet of flowers/a box of chocolate for someone.
  12. Make new friends with someone who looks lonely.


  1. Buy a friend’s favourite pizza to surprise them
  2. Surprise birthday party!
  3. Buy a charm bracelet and set up a charm-treasure-hunt around your local area, with each place and charm signifying a special moment in their lives.
  4. Make a scrapbook full of memories for a friend that’s moving away.
  5. Travel to a random town and explore for a day.
  6. Troll Pinterest and DIY a birthday present!
  7. Make a video of people complimenting someone and give it to them as a present.